Nut Blend
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Nut Blend,
A Naturally Indulgent Snack.

Enjoy a spoonful after dinner
or during the day;
and satisfy your sweet tooth
in the healthiest way. 


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Nut Blend believes in the power of feeling good – and our mission is to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

Whether 4pm in the afternoon or straight after dinner, we guarantee that our unique blends of uplifting and complimentary ingredients will indulge all healthy cravings in just one spoonful.

We are totally transparent with what goes into each jar and want you to trust our passion for high-quality ingredients and the overall uplifting experience. Plus, we add zero type of sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners – including “healthy” sugars and those from dried fruit.

Simply spread, stir, swirl, drizzle, dollop, blend – or just spoon* it; our nut butters are next-level delicious and we promise to keep you filled with feel-good.

*Make it a large one.