Nut Blend
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Nut Blend is a naturally indulgent snack.

Enjoy a spoonful after dinner or during the day; and we will satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

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Nut Blend believes in the power of feeling good.

Whether 4pm in the afternoon or straight after dinner, we like to have something ‘indulgent’ – usually in the form of chocolate or a sweet treat.

As a healthy alternative, we created 100% natural and nutritious nut butters. Each flavour blends high-quality and luxurious ingredients; has a smooth and satisfying texture; and will indulge your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

We are also committed to adding zero type of salt, oil, sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners to enhance the flavour – not even so-called “healthy” sugars and those from dried fruit, such as dates.

Spread it on toast, stir into porridge, swirl into yoghurt, or just spoon it! Nut Blend is a naturally indulgent and exquisite snack – and we promise to keep you filled with feel good.

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