Nut Blend
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We do not need sugar to feel good.




Nut Blend is more than peanut butter – 
and we go beyond almond and cashew butter.







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Nut Blend's mission is to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

We grew out of passion  for the ingredients, the taste and the overall uplifting experience.

We blend complementary flavours to ensure each nut butter is unique in texture and taste and satisfies your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

Plus, we add zero type of added sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners, such as dates; stevia; rice malt; maple syrup; agave syrup; coconut nectar; honey or fruit juice concentrate, which are all just code names for sugar.

Nut Blend is next-level delicious; 100% natural and incredibly guilt-free. All you need is a spoon  and we promise to keep you filled with feel good.