Cookie Policy

We use “cookies” and other tracking technologies to collect information about you and your activity across our site and our communications with you.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that our website stores on your computer, and accesses each time you visit, so we can understand how you use our website and the emails we send you. This helps us provide you content based on your previous activity and on preferences you have specified.

Cookies are used to enable certain features (e.g. logging in), to track how you interact and use the website (e.g. google analytics), to store your purchases in your cart, and to personalise your content to make sure it’s information you want / need.

Cookies set by [Google and Facebook] are called “third-party cookies”, and can be used to track you on other websites that use the same third-party service.

We use cookies on this website to:

  • keep track of the items stored in your shopping basket and take you through the checkout process;

  • recognise you whenever you visit this website (this speeds up your access to the website as you do not have to log on each time);

  • obtain information about your preferences, online movements and use of the internet;

  • carry out research and statistical analysis to help improve our content, products and services and to help us better understand our visitor requirements and interests;

  • target our marketing and advertising campaigns more effectively by providing interest-based advertisements that are personalised to your interests; and

  • make your online experience more efficient and enjoyable.

The information we obtain from our use of cookies will not usually contain your personal data. Although we may obtain information about your computer or other electronic device such as your IP address, your browser and/or other internet log information, this will not usually identify you personally.

In most cases we will need your consent in order to use cookies on this website. The exception is where the cookie is essential in order for us to provide you with a service you have requested (e.g. to enable you to put items in your shopping basket and use our check-out process).

If you visit our website when your browser is set to accept cookies, we will interpret this as an indication that you consent to our use of cookies and other similar technologies. If you change your mind in the future about letting us use cookies, you can modify the settings of your browser to reject cookies or disable cookies completely.

Description of cookies

The table below is designed to provide more information about the cookies we use and why:

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How to turn off cookies

Most internet browsers have default settings to accept cookies by default, but you can update these settings at any time to either refuse cookies altogether, or to notify you when a website is trying to set or update a cookie.

To manage cookies using Chrome, see here -

For Firefox, see here -

For Internet Explorer, see here -

For Edge, see here -
If you browse websites from multiple devices e.g. phone and tablet, you may need to update your
settings on each individual device.

Although some cookies can be blocked without noticing the impact on your experience of a website, blocking all cookies can result in being unable to access certain features and content across the sites you visit.