The Power of Feeling Good

Whether it’s 4pm in the afternoon or straight after dinner, I always like to have something ‘indulgent’. To you that might mean chocolate, to others it could be a piece of fruit – but in any case, it is usually a healthy craving of energy, satisfaction and happiness. Unfortunately, these feelings are often associated with consuming sugary foods.


Nut Blend’s mission is to provide guilt-free indulgence and ‘feel good’ flavour without any type of added sugars, sweeteners, salt or oils. By blending a specific combination of ingredients, we strive to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.

In the current UK market, 89% of nut butter brands enhance the taste of ‘flavoured’ variants, such as chocolate hazelnut, with added sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners, such as dates; stevia; rice malt; maple syrup; agave syrup; coconut nectar; honey or fruit juice concentrate – and these are all just code names for sugar.

This is why our ingredients are different.

In 2015, I struggled to find a naturally flavoured food product on the market that had zero added sugar or sweeteners – including “healthy” (unrefined) sugars and those from dried fruit, such as dates. I started experimenting with natural nut butters and a range of unique ingredients; and watched them transform into a velvety smooth spread – although it never went further than my spoon. I felt zero guilt or anxiety and avoided empty energy and sugar highs. I could – and still do – eat the entire jar and feel simply amazing!

This is what inspired me to set up a business and launch Nut Blend Nut Butters.

We celebrate high-quality ingredients and provide you with total product transparency. For example, Indulgent Nut Butter starts with rich cacao and ends with crunchy cacao nibs. We soften cacao’s bitterness with a touch of coconut – so as not to overpower the flavour – and for depth and creaminess add sunflower seeds, almonds and cashew nuts. That’s it.

  • Praline Nut Butter contains raw maca, which derives from a Peruvian vegetable and adds sweet caramel notes.
  • Perfect Nut Butter adds a pinch of rich, spicy cinnamon and pure vanilla.
  • Coconut is naturally sweet and silky smooth – and we use it in Golden Nut Butter for a tropical flavour.

Nut Blend grew out of passion – for the ingredients, the delicious taste and the overall uplifting experience – and we promise to make you feel good.


Love, Gaby x