Feel Good... Coffee


Perhaps work has been particularly busy, you had a late night, you’re exhausted and it's only Monday or it's your daily ritual: coffee is what the doctor (your body) ordered. 

We’ve come up with a list of delicious coffee spots that we guarantee will boost your energy levels and make you feel great; allowing you to speed through that to-do list before you even have the chance to ask for the bill. Alternatively, take this time to wind down with a book, catch up with a friend, scribble in a journal or enjoy the view.


  • Oat milk flat white, extra hot

  • Bon-soy flat white

  • Half almond, half Bon-soy flat white

  • Americano

  • Mocha

We also prefer sippin’ out of a mug – we don't love a glass a latte.


  1. Monocle, Chiltern Street: This coffee shop is our favourite – and you even get a free chocolate #winning.

  2. Sourced Market, Wigmore Street: their coffee is strong and so we opt for a latte, which still comes in a mug.

  3. Brickwood, Tooting: the oat milk flat white was so delicious, we had two (the shakes were real…)!

  4. Saint Espresso, Angel / Baker Street.

  5. Fernandez & Wells, Covent Garden / Duke Street.

  6. Caravan, KX: coffee with a kick – opt for a latte if you prefer slightly-more-milk-than-less.

  7. Farm Girl, Chelsea / Soho / Notting Hill: definitely get their almond milk flat white!

  8. Daisy Green (or Timmy, Scarlett, Beany, etc).

  9. Back on Track Coffee, Wimpole Street

  10. The Ethiopian Coffee Company, Partridge’s Saturday Market – or take home one of their freshly ground bags.

  11. Crosstown Doughnuts (shame on us we’ve only ever had their coffee). Take your eco-cup for a Bon-soy flat white; they only use take-away cups.

  12. Monmouth Coffee: choose their speciality americano straight up.

  13. Said Chocolate for the ultimate mocha (proof below).

  14. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs: double shot mocha with oat milk, by far my favourite!


We'll continue to add to this list; and because it is espressily for you, please let us know if you have any suggestions. We love trying out new independent spots and hope you feel buzzed doing the same. Enjoy!