Feel Good... Brunch


Occasionally, we don’t have nut butter for breakfast – I know, shocker. To follow on from our latest blog post, ‘Feel Good… Coffee’, we felt it was only necessary to talk about the next best thing: brunch. To us, it’s a Sunday ritual; alternatively, we've got into the habit of meeting friends pre-work to help break up the week. Not only does it put you in a good mood for the rest of the day but you still have your evening to socialise, round two. Kill (harm) two birds with one stone (nut) kinda thing…


  • Avocado toast with a side of halloumi
  • Scrambled eggs on toast with a side of mushrooms
  • All of the above
  • A spontaneous bircher muesli


  1. The Black Penny: Best breakfast we’ve had in a while – and generous on the portion size.
  2. Egg Break
  3. Megan’s: Pimp up their avo toast with all the sides.
  4. Half Cup: Hidden gem.
  5. Granger and co. 
  6. Caravan: Everything on the menu. We particularly recommend the bircher with a side of granola (we’re not fussy, obviously). 
  7. Salon Brixton: Another hidden gem.
  8. 26 grains: Known for their gorgeous porridge recipes - but their avocado halloumi toast is highly recommended. 
  9. Lewis’s: Not your standard avo toast, this comes with a drizzle of balsamic and pesto - delicious!
  10. Daisy Green
  11. The Providores: Granola with thick Greek yoghurt is a must!


Although we stick to our favourite brunch plates (if you hadn't noticed from the photos), all of the above restaurants / cafés have a gorgeous menu to choose from; whether you want to be slightly healthier or prefer something sweet, you will be satisfied! We'd also love to hear form you if you have any favourite brunch spots that we should be trying out and adding to this lis.

Happy weekend-eating!