The Power of Feeling Good

It all started with a blender, creativity and passion.

Nut Blend grew out of my kitchen - experimenting with different nuts, a range of natural spices and watching it transform into a velvety smooth spread. The outcome? An empty jar, a smile on my face and feeling obliged - and excited - to share it with the rest of the world.


Nowadays, the claim 'No Added Sugar' seems to have lost its value, strapped across most brands' packaging even when half of the ingredients are unrecognisable. Nut Blend, on the other hand, respects every word. Using premium, pure and delicious ingredients, the flavour is true to its natural origin. No unrefined sugar. No refined sugar. No dried fruit. Not even the healthiest of sugars researchers are slowly discovering. Nada.

Does it ruin the taste? Not at all.

Still have doubts?

Just let a spoonful of Nut Blend sit on your tongue. What flavours can you pick out? Rich notes of raw cacao; sweet undertones of vanilla and cinnamon; creamy coconut; deep-roasted nuts...

By understanding the taste palette of specific ingredients and sourcing them from all over the world for their unique characteristics, I am passionate about what goes into each jar and prioritise how it makes you feel.

Nut Blend's main focus is to make you feel good.

Not because you're hungry and want to fill a hole in your stomach – but because each flavour has been carefully created to provide the most enjoyable, satisfying experience and that sigh-worthy, wow-factor, warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

This is one the most important rules: for all new and existing customers to trust the carefully sourced, honest ingredients and let the flavour work its magic: no agave, no coconut nectar, no honey, no fruits, no salt, no oil – nothing. 

This is one of the reasons Nut Blend sits at a slightly higher price point. There are more cost-effective extracts and spices on the market but more often than not, they contain hidden additives, stabilisers or a percentage of alcohol.

When it comes to Nut Blend, these are not good enough.

Avoiding added sugar, salt and oil - the 'taste' of food, some may say - isn't for extreme dieting purposes; I simply don't want to deprive you of true flavour.

So sit back, get comfy and grab a jar.

You're one spoonful away from being filled with feel good – and that, in a nutshell, is my promise to you.

Love, Gaby x