12 Ways With Golden Nut Butter


Golden Nut Butter combines just three natural ingredients: buttery macadamias, sweet coconut and rich almonds. Due to its creamy texture, it melts into a range of recipes; savoury or sweet, each spoonful adds a boost of wholesome, happy energy.

Here's how it's done...

    Stir 2 tsp straight into your oats whilst heating on the hob / before warming in the microwave. I've never liked milk and so opt for water, which still retains the creaminess of porridge and hones in on the rich macadamia and sweet coconut flavour.

    Add a generous dollop to your oats / chia seeds before soaking and then douse in pick'n'mix toppings (the best part), including Golden Nut Butter, which drizzles on top like caramel sauce - and I mean pour it on...

    Being an absolutely fiend for thick Greek yoghurt, this combination is one of the best. Golden Nut Butter adds such a rich flavour it will satisfy your sweet tooth in seconds. Take it to the next level and add a sprinkling of raw cacao nibs, fresh fruit and crunchy roasted nuts - pecans, almonds, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds work particularly well.

    Next time you make a batch of granola, stir in a couple of tablespoons to your mix (oats, coconut oil, Golden Nut Butter, raw cacao and cinnamon is a current favourite). Because of its smoother texture, it will naturally stick to the other ingredients and add a gorgeous flavour!

    I genuinely crave this. It's easy to make and the healthiest chocolate sauce you can ever eat - and contains just two ingredients: Golden Nut Butter and raw cacao powder. Depending on how rich you like it, simply mix the two together. The nut butter's creaminess melts into the cacao - and then add raw cacao nibs and pecans and grab. your. spoon.

    I've talked about sweet omelettes before and they are still my favourite breakfast. It literally consists of frying a plain 3-egg omelette (alter where necessary) in coconut oil; and then douse in yoghurt, fruit and Golden Nut Butter / chocolate sauce above. Dreamy.

    Stir 1-2 tsp into hot coffee or blend for convenience. Nut Blend Bulletproof™, anyone?

  8. TOAST
    Toast is, well, toast... until it's made Nut Blend style. Add Golden Nut Butter to these combinations for ultimate #breakfastgoals - and on a base of rye or kamut is particularly good:

    - Banoffee: Greek / coconut yoghurt, banana, cacao nibs.
    - Nut Butter & Jelly: Fruit jam or compote (granola optional).
    - Chocoholic: Rich chocolate sauce, as made above. Prepare for thirds or fourths...
    - Savoury: Smashed avocado, squeeze of lime.
    - Sweet Savoury: Avocado, sliced banana.

  9. PASTA
    Sounds odd, I know - but when you're stranded with a suitcase full of nut butter and a packed lunch of prawn pasta (literally prawns and pasta), what's a gal to do? Stirring in a small amount turned out delicious - and I even ended up dunking pasta straight into the jar...

  10. CURRY
    Making curry from scratch sounds daunting but Golden Nut Butter brings speed, ease and flavour. Mix a couple of tablespoons with lime juice, cumin, chilli flakes, a dash of apple cider vinegar and hot water until desired thickness. Top with fresh coriander and vualá!

    If you like to keep things simple, this is for you. Drizzle on top of left over greens, quinoa salad or baked salmon. No prep and tastes amazing!

  12. DUNK IT
    Banana, apple slices, strawberries, dark chocolate - you name it; just dunk it straight into the jar. Its creamy texture is the perfect fondue-style dip. Dare to experiment? Try cooked sprouts (not just for Christmas) or raw cauliflower. Trust me on these.

  13. SPOON IT
    No explanation necessary.