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Nut Blend is creating a new tier of nut butter.

We are more than peanut butter.

We go beyond almond and cashew butter.

Our range is next level delicious, 100% natural and incredibly guilt free.


In Summer 2015, Gabriella, the founder of Nut Blend, struggled to find a naturally flavoured food product on the market that had zero added sugar – including "healthy" sugars (unrefined) and those from dried fruit, such as dates. 

Driven by a healthy craving for instant energy, satisfaction and happiness – feelings often associated with consuming sugar – she invested in a small food processor and started experimenting with a range of delicious ingredients and 100% natural nut butters.

For having zero type of added sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners, the flavour was so delicious it rarely went further than her spoon  and Gabriella felt elated to have avoided empty energy and sugar lows.

This is what inspired her to set up a business and launch Nut Blend Nut Butters. 

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In the current UK market, 90% of nut butter brands enhance the taste of ‘flavoured’ variants, such as chocolate hazelnut, with added sugar or naturally sourced sweeteners, such as dates; stevia; rice malt; maple syrup; agave syrup; coconut nectar; honey or fruit juice concentrate – and these are all just code names for sugar.

Nut Blend’s mission is to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way. We blend a specific combination of high-quality and extremely complimentary ingredients to ensure you feel good with every spoonful. For example, Indulgent Nut Butter starts with rich cacao and ends with crunchy cacao nibs. We soften cacao’s bitterness with a touch of coconut – so as not to overpower the flavour – and for depth and creaminess add sunflower seeds, almonds and cashew nuts. That’s it. We provide you with total product transparency and want you to trust our passion for the ingredients, taste and overall uplifting experience.

"What began as an experiment to improve my own diet quickly turned into product development. I fell in love with the fact that there was nothing unhealthy about the ingredients and yet the taste of each nut butter was incredible; I could – and still do – eat an entire jar and feel amazing!"
Chief nutter, Gabriella