GABRIELLA has always been passionate about health and fitness; and after graduating from University completed a range of internships for different magazine publications. Whilst working alongside nutritionists and food writers, she began to understand and develop her knowledge of pure foods; free from refined and unrefined sugar, additives, preservatives, salt and oils.

As well as this, Gabriella struggled to find ready-made, naturally flavoured food products on the market that had zero added sugar. Even though many are branded ‘healthy,’ they still contain sugar, for example, agave syrup, coconut nectar or high-sugared fruits, such as dates. 


Investing in a small food processor, Gabriella was inspired to make her own natural nut butters, swapping sugar, salt and oil for rich and nourishing ingredients. As well as being velvety smooth, the flavour of nut butter was so delicious and made her feel so fantastically energised, Gabriella felt the need to share the guilt-free satisfaction.

Nut Blend Nut Butters have since been developed and created with specific, unique ingredients to target active lifestyles, satisfy various cravings and guarantee satisfaction in the healthiest way.

What began as a hobby is now built into the foundation of Nut Blend's core values: 
celebrate natural ingredients; avoid all added sugar, sweeteners, salt and oil; and prioritise flavour and feel good - in every jar and every spoonful.