Nut Blend embraces a positive, feel-good attitude towards healthy eating.

In Summer 2015, Gabriella, the founder of Nut Blend, wanted to satisfy ‘indulgent’ cravings in a nutritious and delicious way. Personally, sugar provided her with an instant high; subsequent low; and inevitable craving of more sugar and yet she could not find any ‘healthy’ food products on the market that contained zero type of added sugar, including natural syrup or sweetener alternatives.

From a young age, she had always enjoyed peanut butter (PB&J sandwiches being her favourite) and the well-known chocolate hazelnut spread. As an experiment to improve her own diet, she decided to combine the two and create a natural nut butter using natural, high-quality ingredients only.

The first batch was purely trial and error a blend of almonds, hazelnuts, cinnamon, vanilla and raw cacao powder a variation of what is now known as Perfect Nut Butter. Much to her surprise, the outcome was absolutely exquisite! Its flavour was rich and delicious; the texture smooth and satisfying and she could not put the spoon down! Turning to her mum one day, she laughed,
“I think I could sell this”.

That was the light-bulb moment, as Gaby had fallen in love with how great each spoonful made her feel. She could (and still can) eat the entire jar with complete confidence that it was the best, most natural and nutritious food product that provided genuine satisfaction and surely, she thought, others deserve to feel the same too?

We want you to fall in love with feeling your best, healthiest self. We celebrate 100% natural ingredients; provide you with total product transparency; and add ZERO type of sugar, syrups or natural sweeteners, including honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar and dates – and not even salt or oils.

  • Perfect Nut Butter blends bold hazelnuts, roasted almonds and Sri Lankan ‘true’ cinnamon for its sweet and spicy flavour.

  • Indulgent Nut Butter is naturally creamy with cashews and we add the purest cacao nibs for a rich dark chocolate crunch.

  • Praline Nut Butter is rich, crunchy – and the addition of raw Peruvian maca adds a nutritious caramelised twist.

  • Golden Nut Butter is velvety smooth with buttery macadamias, naturally sweet coconut and almonds – that is it.

Whether you drizzle, dollop, spread, swirl or stir, you deserve to celebrate healthy eating and feel great as a result.