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Nut Blend strives to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.


In Summer 2015, Gabriella, the founder of Nut Blend, wanted to ‘indulge’ her natural after-dinner cravings without consuming sugar. Personally, sugar gave her an instant high; subsequent low; and inevitable craving of more sugar.

As an experiment to improve her own diet, she invested in a small food processor and started experimenting with blends of natural ingredients and deliciously nutritious nut butters.

The first batch was purely trial and error a blend of roasted almonds and hazelnuts, cinnamon, vanilla and raw cacao powder a variation of what is now known as Perfect Nut Butter. Much to her surprise, the outcome was absolutely exquisite! Its flavour was rich and delicious; the texture smooth and satisfying and she could not put the spoon down! Turning to her mum one day, she laughed, “I think I could sell this”.

That was the ‘light-bulb’ moment. Gabriella found energy, satisfaction and ‘feel-good’ from a genuinely natural and yet indulgent snack; and surely, she thought, others would too?

The next day, she sat down with pen and paper and started to plan the launch of Nut Blend.

Nut Blend celebrates high-quality, luxurious ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way. Our naturally indulgent nut butters are never plain; nor contain peanuts. Plus, we honestly add zero type of sugar or sweeteners to enhance the taste – not even so-called "healthy" sugars and those from dried fruit, such as agave syrup, coconut sugar, maple syrup, stevia, fruit juice concentrate and dates. 

  • Perfect Nut Butter adds Sri Lankan ‘true’ cinnamon for its sweet and spicy aroma. The pinch of pure vanilla lifts the bold flavour of roasted hazelnuts.

  • Indulgent Nut Butter is rich with the purest cacao. We soften the intensity with unsweetened coconut, which enhances its creamy texture and deep chocolate flavour.

  • Praline Nut Butter is literally a blend of buttery pecans, roasted almonds and organic Peruvian maca powder. Maca is a natural root; ground finely into powder form and balances sweet and soft caramel notes.

  • Golden Nut Butter contains just three ingredients: buttery macadamias; rich roasted almonds; and we add unsweetened, creamy coconut for that full-bodied tropical flavour.

Each flavour is unique in texture and taste and can be incorporated into a healthy balanced lifestyle. For example, with pancakes; fruit; yoghurt; porridge; granola; smoothies; chocolate – or simply eaten by the spoon!

“Nut Blend provides you with 100% product transparency; we want you to trust our passion for creating an overall uplifting experience – and I promise to keep you filled with feel good.”

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